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19/20 copyright list PSD916 Course
2022 Check PSD3013 Course
AASchool Demo List PSD2034 Course
Aberdeen TADC 10.11.15 PSD255 Module
Abertay TADC 25.1.16 PSD303 Course
AC Demo Jan 20 PSD952 Module
Agder demo TADC PSD265 Module
Alberta DC 2026 Course
Alberta DC 7/7 PSD2027 Course
Amsterdam PSD709 Course
Art PSD2052 Module
Art 2052 Course
Art Therapy Practicum 1 AAD733-88870 Course
Aston TADC demo PSD405 Module
Aston TADC demo 2 PSD410 Module
Bath Spa Copyright PSD309 Module
Bath Spa Oct 18 PSD630 Module
Bath Spa tender PSD2030 Course
BB Demo PSD133 Course
BCI Oct 2020 PSD2042 Course
BCU DC Dec 18 PSD735 Course
BCU TADC demo 19.1.17 PSD319 Module
BG TADC 5.3.18 PSD602 Course
BGU TADC Demo 9.11.17 PSD510 Course
BI TADC Dec 16 PSD331 Module
Bibsys demo PSD124 Course
Bibsys TADC Dec 15 PSD279 Course
BIMM demo 2 PSD2072 Course
BIMM demo 2022 PSD3014 Module
BIMM demo Feb 21 PSD2065 Course
Birkbeck demo PSD626 Course
Birmingham tender 20.4.15 PSD164 Course
Bradford demo PSD613 Course
Bradford Digitisation demo list PSD610 Module
Bradford TADC 30/4/18 PSD614 Course
Bristol TADC demo list PSD254 Course
BSc Economics and Business Economics PSD4012 Module
Bucks new PSD726 Course
Calgary CR PSD921 Course
Cambridge demo 27.1.15 PSD140 Course
Canterbury CC Demo 16.1.15 PSD135 Course
Capilano copyright PSD2025 Course
Cardiff TADC demo PSD310 Course
Chester demo PSD3001 Course
Chester Jan 19 PSD743 Module
Chichester Demo PSD141 Course
Chichester TADC demo PSD201 Course
Chris Demo PSD4006 Module
Concord 19/11 PSD2505 Course
Concordia 16/7/20 PSD2033 Course
Concordia 25/9/20 PSD2100 Course
Concordia 5/11/20 PSD2500 Course
Copibec PSD2002 Course
Copy right check PSD4004 Course
copyright - madrid PSD801 Course
copyright 18.6.19 PSD905 Course
Copyright 27.6.19 PSD906 Course
Copyright 9.7.19 PSD907 Course
Copyright demo Nov 22 PSD4011 Course
Copyright demo Sept 22 PSD4003 Course
Copyright test 6.6.19 PSD900 Course
copyright test 6.9.19 PSD920 Course
Cranfield DC Sept 18 PSD624 Course
Cranfield TADC PSD306 Course
Cumbria CM list 28.11.19 PSD512 Module
Cumbria TADC demo list PSD402 Module
CUW PSD2071 Course
CUW March 21 PSD2075 Course
DBS DC LIst PSD745 Course
DC demo Feb 2020 PSD954 Course
Delft copyright PSD3004 Course
Demo Aug 22 PSD3100 Course
Demo Feb 19 PSD2070 Course
Demo Feb 21 PSD2069 Course
Demo List April 21 PSD2200 Course
Demo list August 22 PSD3101 Course
Demo LIst May 21 SLD001 Course
Demo Oct 2022 PSD4005 Course
Dissertation Skills PSD611 Course
DL Demo List PSD2080 Course
Durham 2 Demo PSD172 Course
Durham 6.2.17 PSD240 Course
Durham Demo PSD171 Course
Durham TADC 6.1.16 PSD300 Course
Dyson copyright PSD790 Course
Dyson DC PSD768 Course
Dyson tender demo PSD800 Course
EBSLG PSD904 Course
Economics EUS1005 Course
Edge Hill PSD308 Course
Edge Hill TADC 9/11 PSD313 Course
Eramsmus PSD741 Course
ESADE TADC demo PSD262 Course
Geology GEO101 Course
Glas Cale TADC demo 3.2.15 PSD142 Course
Glas College PSD2035 Course
Glouc TADC 31.7.17 PSD502 Course
Gloucester 5.1.17 PSD315 Course
Groningen Demo PSD4015 Course
GVSU Demo PSD2079 Course
GVSU Demo 2 PSD2090 Course
Hague test PSD706 Course
Hanken TADC 26.4.16 PSD260 Course
Henley Demo PSD123 Course
Herts TADC 3.5.16 PSD261 Course
Herts Uni Demo PSD134 Course
History 20/21 PSD2040 Module
Huddersfield TADC PSD622 Course
Huddersfielde demo PSD145 Course
HW Demo 16.5.18 PSD606 Course
HW demo 19/6/20 PSD2021 Course
HW March 21 PSD2076 Course
HW TADC demo PSD318 Course
ICLA demo Dublin PSD753 Course
ICLA demo March 19 PSD752 Course
INSEAD DC demo list PSD953 Course
Joel TADC demo 1/10/15 PSD250 Course
July 22 demo list PSD3005 Course
June test 21 PSD3002 Course
Kopinor demo PSD251 Module
LAU PSD754 Course
LB Test PSD603 Course
LBS TADC 15.12.16 PSD330 Course
LBS TADC 25.11.15 PSD258 Course
LBU DC demo PSD604 Course
Leed Beckett PSD340 Course
Leeds Demo 9.4.15 PSD161 Course
Leeds Trinity Copyright Demo PSD600 Course
Leiden demo dc PSD1002 Course
Lon Bus School PSD257 Course
Lon Met Copyright demo PSD615 Course
London Met PSD616 Course
Lough Demo PSD620 Course
Lough test PSD621 Course
Loughborough 24/11 PSD2053 Course
Loughborough Demo PSD121 Course
Maastricht Copyright demo 27.1.17 PSD323 Course
MacEwan Demo 2/3/21 PSD2073 Course
Malta TADC List 13/1/16 PSD301 Course
March 21 Demo PSD2077 Course
Marjon 21 PSD2560 Course
May 21 Demo PSD3000 Course
McEwan demo 15/6/20 PSD2010 Course
Modern Age Divinity MOD1000 Module
Mt San Antonio PSD2066 Course
NBCU Copyright PSD930 Course
NBCU Test 5/520 PD001 Course
NCSU demo PSD2510 Course
Netherlands DC PSD704 Course
New Demo List 1 PSD4000 Course
New Demo List 2 PSD4001 Course
New Demo List 3 PSD4002 Course
NL Copyright demo PSD714 Course
NL Copyright demo 2 PSD716 Course
NL Copyright demo 2 PSD715 Course
Nova copyright PSD908 Course
OCLC Copyright PSD3012 Course
OCLC demo Sept 21 PSD3011 Course
Okanagan PSD2031 Course
OU Demo PSD302 Course
Oxford TADC demo PSD321 Module
Palynology PP100 Course
PD Test March 19 PSD751 Course
PSD Demo test Feb 18 PSD598 Course
PSD103 - MA/IC Demo PSD103 Module
PSD104 - TARL demo 4/6 PSD104 Course
QMU TADC Demo 10.1.17 PSD316 Course
Queen Margaret PSD256 Module
Radboud PSD730 Course
Radboud Jan 19 PSD742 Course
Raven TADC demo PSD305 Module
Ravens July TADC PSD702 Course
Ravens TADC PSD701 Module
Ravensbourne TADC PSD601 Course
RCA Demo PSD2041 Course
RCN Copyright PSD911 Course
Reading Gothic: Texts, Contexts, Concepts [ELL384] ELL384 Course
Regent DC 13.11.18 PSD712 Course
Reviews 1 PD002 Course
Reviews 2 PD003 Course
RUA PSD360 Course
RVC PSD2012 Course
SAGE Canada Demo PSD956 Module
Sage demo PSD625 Course
Salford Demo TADC PSD125 Course
Science of Nature SNA102 Module
Sept 22 Demo PSD3102 Course
Sharjah PSD3010 Module
Sheffield demo 9.4.15 PSD162 Course
SLA demo PSD725 Course
SNHU PSD923 Course
SOAS DC Nov 18 PSD710 Course
Southampton DC Dec 18 PSD731 Course
Southampton TADC demo PSD407 Module
Staffs Copyright list PSD612 Course
Staffs Nov 18 PSD720 Course
Staffs TARL demo PSD404 Course
Stichting PRO demo PSD713 Course
Strath 17.5.18 PSD607 Course
Strathclyde TADC demo 04.02.15 PSD144 Course
Suffolk PSD2501 Course
Sunderland DC demo list PSD520 Module
Sunderland June 21 PSD3003 Course
SUNY PSD910 Course
SUNY 16/7/20 PSD2032 Course
SURF (Academic) 20.6.19 PSD903 Course
SURF 20.6.19 PSD902 Course
Swansea Demo PSD253 Course
Swansea TADC 14.3.17 PSD403 Course
TADC Dec 15 PSD280 Course
TADC Test PSD320 Module
TADC Test 2 PSD498 Module
TADC Test 27.7.17 PSD501 Course
TADC test Nov 17 PSD505 Course
TADC Test sept 18 PSD623 Course
TADC text 3 PSD509 Course
TADC trial PD PSD110 Course
TCD TADC 16.2.17 PSD400 Module
Team Demo Nov 22 PSD4010 Course
Test PSD163 Course
TEST 12 Nov 19 PSD922 Course
Test 20 PSD950 Course
Test 25.7.17 PSD499 Course
Test 6.6.19 PSD901 Course
Test dc March 19 PSD727 Course
test dec 18 PSD732 Course
Test Jan 20 PSD951 Module
Test June 17 PSD408 Module
Test March 21 PSD2078 Course
Test Mod PSD406 Module
test oct 2020 PSD2043 Course
Test TADC 2.7.15 PSD200 Course
Test TADC simple June 17 PSD409 Module
Tracy PSD924 Course
Trinity TADC Demo 11.1.17 PSD317 Course
TT demo 9/4/20 PSD1004 Course
TT Test PSD1003 Course
TTB PSD1005 Course
Twente PSD708 Course
Twente TADC demo PSD605 Course
UC Cork DC Jan 19 PSD746 Course
UCA Demo 12 Dec 18 PSD721 Course
UEL DC demo PSD703 Course
UHI demo UN111004 Course
UHI demo 2 UN111005 Course
UHI demo 3 PSD608 Course
UHI TADC Demo PSD252 Course
UNBC June 2020 PSD2013 Module
Uni of Arts TADC demo PSD165 Course
Uni of Arts TADC demo 13.5.15 PSD167 Course
Uni of Arts TADC demo 13.5.15 PSD166 Course
Uni of Birmingham PSD150 Course
Uni of Bristol eReserve Demo PSD304 Course
Uni of Law PSD500 Course
Utrecht PSD707 Course
UWSTD TADC demo 3.17 PSD401 Module
Vienna PSD788 Course
Visual Global Politics LYX108B10 Course
VSNU test PSD705 Course
VU Amsterdam Demo PSD2061 Course
Wag DC 19 PSD740 Course
West of Scot TADC demo PSD143 Course
Wolverhampton TADC 27.7.16 PSD307 Module
Word History 2 PSD915 Course
World History PSD700 Course
World History HW PSD2004 Course
World History NBCU PSD2001 Course
York Demo PSD170 Course
York TADC demo PSD322 Module
YSJ TADC 22.11.17 PSD511 Module

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